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The sizes in order are: Large - Small - Tiny Handles.
Colors can vary in color, each firing is a little different.
For large orders please give 3-4 week notice to allow enough time to get them done.
Large handles:  
Made of high fire stoneware. Handmade and hand painted,
No two will be alike.  3” long about 3/4" hole
Retail- $10.00 a pair.
Small handles:SOLD OUT, Can make more on request. Will take 3-4 weeks on request.
Made of cone 6 stoneware. Hand made and hand painted, no two will be exactly alike.
3" long about 1/2" hole.
Retail: $8.00 a pair.

Tiny Handles:
About 2" long X 1/2" hole.
Retail: $7.00 a pair.